The latest on construction…

17 03 2009

We all know the community has been playing the waiting game on construction for almost 10 long years…but the patience has paid off.  We are merely steps away from completion with the bulk of work already polished off by the incredibly hard-working and dedicated construction team.

We are still on target for a community opening this summer.  At the moment, we are waiting for final approval by the Porcupine Health Unit on our grey water system.  Once approved (hopefully any day now), we will implement our environmentally-focused engineer’s plans for an acceptable system meeting all governmental standards and requirements.

From here, we are looking at 2 x 3 week work sessions with a final session in June to finish off our “eco-plumbing” and take care of the finer details.

Come June, we will look to the community for insight and ideas on the final touches within and outside of Washow Lodge.  We welcome anyone and everyone to get involved!

If you have any comments, questions, or ideas regarding Washow progress, feel free to leave them below or send them privately to  Meegwetch!

Many thanks to the hard working crew!

Many thanks to the hard working crew!




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