Meet Washow’s Managers

24 08 2009

Well it is high time that we formally introduce ourselves.  As Washow Lodge’s managers we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to finalize all programs, services, and info pertaining to Washow.  Although a long process, things have been coming along grand and we look forward to opening Washow Lodge’s doors with the community as soon as we get our final stamp of approval at the end of this week.

Until that time, we’d like to introduce ourselves to those who don’t know us already:

Sinclair Trapper – “I’ve been hired as the Operations Manager for Washow Lodge.  Although I’ve been based out of Moose Factory since I started on back in March, I will be spending most of my time out in Hannah Bay once Washow Lodge is operating.  My traditional camp is out across the creek from Washow and my trap line is in that area, along the Harricanaw River and out to Hannah Bay.  I have fond memories of growing up out there and harvesting the land and want to share those memories with guests.  I will be making sure operations run smoothly and safely and I have a few good stories to share also.”

Sinclair Trapper

Sinclair Trapper on his homeland

Becky Pelkonen – “I’ve been working as Washow’s Marketing and Development Manager since February, 2009.  I guess I’m an outsider to the community here, but feel like the James Bay region is becoming ‘home’ and I love and respect the Cree way of life.  My passion lies in making tourism work for a community and making experiences incredible for guests in return.  I’m so excited about how Washow Lodge is taking shape and feel our local Cree hosts have so much to offer.  They don’t hold back in sharing their knowledge and stories and they certainly don’t hold back in sharing laughs either!  We all look forward to hosting guests soon…welcome!”

Becky Pelkonen

Becky Pelkonen in Moose Factory




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