Exciting day for Washow Lodge at Adventure Travel Summit

20 10 2009

The Moose Cree First Nation and Washow Lodge were given significant recognition today as Becky Pelkonen accepted a scholarship award on their behalf from Teva and the Adventure Travel Trade Association in Charlevoix, Quebec.  Attendees from over 50 countries and various travel businesses, media outlets, and organizations were in attendance.  It was a humbling yet exciting day for Washow and we`d like to thank Teva and ATTA for the phenomenal recognition and award.  Meegwetch from the Moose Cree!

Becky Pelkonen with Shannon Stowell of ATTA (left) and Liz Ferrin of Teva (right)

Becky Pelkonen with Shannon Stowell of ATTA (left) and Liz Ferrin of Teva (right)


Greetings to MCFN from Nisga’a Nation

11 08 2009

Please see below a message from Alvin of the Nisga’a Nation in Northern B.C..  Meegwetch, Alvin from Washow Lodge for your kind words…

“Greetings from the Nisga’a Nation, I come from the Nisga’a Community of New Aiyansh, which is located in northern British Columbia. Goggle Nisga’a and you will get on our governing body web-site Nisga’a Lisims Government. We are very interested (in Washow), this is a vision I saw for our children and youth, to keep the culture and tradition strong through our most valuable asset , our ELDERS. If you see it, you believe it, you will receive it.

Enjoy your new Journey, I know its going to be awesome

– Alvin”