Washow on Cree radio

25 05 2009

Wha-chay all! For those of you who are interested, Becky Pelkonen will be on the radio tomorrow (May 26th) at 7.30am with Arnold Cheechoo of the James Bay Cree Radio Network. Becky and Arnold will be speaking about all things Washow Lodge and offering greetings to the Quebec Cree. The interview will take place in both eastern James Bay Cree dialect as well as English.  Hope to have you listening and if you catch the show, please post your comments and thoughts below.


Clarence Trapper schools a “Fish out of Water”

14 05 2009

Our very own Clarence Trapper is featured in the upcoming episode of Don Kelly’s “Fish out of Water” on the APTN network. Clarence takes Don the funnyman and city boy out on a traditional goose hunt in Moose Cree First Nation territory. Tune into APTN to see Clarence and Don in action. APTN is running the episodes as follows this week:
May 14th: 1:30 pm CT
May 15th: 1:00 pm CT & 6:30 pm CT
May 16th: 10:00 pm CT
May 19th: 8:00 pm CT

Clarence Trapper

Clarence Trapper

Washow experiences gathering interest

23 03 2009

Washow received some early coverage last year when the editor and a writer from “Ecotourism Canada” magazine made the journey to experience our brand of Cree hospitality first-hand.  They were extremely delighted with the opportunity and we look forward to hosting them again one day.  A copy of the published piece can be found HERE.  Enjoy!